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Most people have heard of bedbugs – they are immortalized in the phrase “Goodnight, don’t let the bedbugs bite” and the very thought has given many of us a shudder of horror (I’m having one right now!). But have you heard about their cousin, the carpet beetle? If not, then it’s time to get the lowdown on these torturous little beasts because they may be planning a nice little holiday soon in a carpet very near to YOU…

Before you stop reading in horror – wait, we will give you the good news first! Carpet beetles aren’t half as much of a concern as bedbugs. For a start, they are not blood-drinkers and so do not bite unwary victims, preferring a less vampire diet of material fragments from carpets, upholstery, bedding and coats.

That said, they do cause an allergic reaction in most people as the microscopic hairs that cover the beetle larva become detached during the maturing process. It is most commonly experienced as a red, inflamed and very itchy rash though can affect large areas of the body in more sensitive individuals.

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So, how can you spot these little creatures or otherwise tell if you have an infestation? The three most common ways to do so are:

Find the Darkest Point – like Gremlins, carpet beetles hate bright light and always head for dark spots. Check closets, airing cupboards and attics as well as under furniture and carpets

Skin and Poop! – sorry for being so blunt about it! Carpet beetles have big appetites and this means lots of fecal matter and shed skins lying around

Worst-Case Scenario – an infestation that is left unchecked will quickly become serious because, in between all the eating, growing and pooping, carpet beetles manage to find plenty of time for romance too! They reproduce incredibly quickly and you will soon begin to notice holes in your carpet and any other infested soft furnishings as the multitude increases…

With carpet beetles, the old saying that holds ‘prevention is better than cure’ rings particularly true. Regular vacuuming teamed with a periodic professional service from a responsible and reliable business-like LCS Carpet Cleaning in San Diego will mean that most people never even have to bother dealing with an infestation, which can involve anything from washing everything you own in very hot water, applying insecticide to both carpet and your body or even taking the carpet to the tip.

When was YOUR carpet last professionally cleaned? If it was more than a year ago, then it’s time to start thinking about giving us a call quite soon to clean your carpet. If it was more than 18 months, then… is that you calling already?

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