How to deal with the 5 most common carpet stains

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If you have a beautiful carpet at home, perhaps the last thing you want to see is a nasty stain on it. Unfortunately, carpet cleaning stains, it seems, are an inevitable part of life. Whether it is the children being hyperactive and careless, or perhaps a new pet that you have yet to teach some habits, sooner or later you will face the task of cleaning a stain.

While you may want to let some professional carpet’s, cleaners deal with the issue, often times it is better to tackle it fast on your own. One reason for this is that the sooner you act, the better your chances of removing the stain. If you let it sit on the carpet, it is very likely that it will not be fully cleaned at a later stage.

Here is what you can do in regards to the 5 most common types of carpet cleaning stains you may face at home:

Juice – juice stains are usually a result of your children’s act. Although it is possible to just spill your glass sometimes; it happens. With some luck, you may be able to remove the stain easily without the aid of specialized detergents. Simply get a clean towel and carefully blot the liquid by working from the outer edges to the center. Remember, it is important not to rub the stain deeper, but merely apply pressure with the towel. This way the liquid can transfer from the carpet. After that, you can apply a mix of dish soap, white vinegar and water. Let the liquid sit for 5 minutes and then blot again. The stain should go away, but if it is still there, you may need to repeat this process a few times.

Coffee – that is one more drink that may find its way onto your carpet. Treating coffee stains right away is of utmost importance. The more time passes, the more likely it is for the stain to show as a brown-yellowish spot later on. Quickly grab a paper towel and blot as much of the liquid as possible, before it becomes saturated in the carpet fibers.

Pets – you may find the best friend in your pet, but it is true that sometimes they will leave stool on the carpet. When that happens, you must pick up the pieces with hand gloves and blot any moisture with a clean towel. Don’t scrub, as you will only drive the stain deeper into the carpet. Follow blotting with a dishwashing detergent and water, or white vinegar and water to neutralize the odor. You can also sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda and then vacuum it, as that is known to effectively prevent bad smells.

Ink – ink can be very tricky to remove, especially if let to sit for a long period of time. In fact, it can easily become permanent if you don’t act quickly. The weapon of choice against it should be isopropyl alcohol. Wet a clean cloth with enough of it and dab the stain. Never scrub and rub, as this may spread the stain.

Blood – like most other carpet cleaning stains, blood can be removed easily only when it is addressed soon enough. Never use warm and hot water, because that will coagulate the blood. What you need to do is to mix cold water with dish detergent. Blot with a clean cloth, as that will hopefully remove the stain. If it doesn’t, you can also treat with ammonia.

These are some effective methods for treating the most common carpet stains. Now you know what you need to do the next time you see a bad carpet cleaning stain.

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