Dry Cleaning and Steam Cleaning Methods for Carpet Cleaning

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If you have a lovely antique carpet, then you must take good care of it to keep it looking beautiful and to preserve it for years to come. This includes cleaning it thoroughly but smoothly so that it preserves the texture and its vibrant colors.

If you try cleaning it on your own, you are more likely to damage your expensive carpet because most cleaning agents and equipment cannot do the job in the right way. When you want your priceless carpets to look their best, it is time to call in experts with their carefully selected specialized equipment and cleaning agents.

Here are the methods used by professionals for carpet cleaning:

Dry Cleaning Method

Dry cleaning method is not actually very dry but uses less water and specialized detergents as well as extraction equipment to remove dirt and debris from the carpet. Professional cleaning services will first check your carpet to see if it is made of wool or synthetic fiber and then use an appropriate wet (or actually, low moisture) process.

A mix of pre-treatment, detergents, and conditioners is applied to the carpet to bind together dust and debris as well as oils, greases, and stains. Another process makes use of a cleaning compound rubbed into the carpet to bind together dust and dirt and this is then vacuumed off.

Recent methods used by professional carpet cleaning services involve the use of special polymers to encapsulate dust and a machine then applies the cleaning solution after which the carpet is vacuumed, removing all stains, dirt, and oils. The carpet becomes spotless and bright, looking almost like new.

Another method involves the use of foam shampoo and then removing it once dried with a vacuum cleaner. This is followed by hot water extraction. Another method used by LCS Janitorial Services is to rub an absorbent pad on the carpet to remove dirt and stains.

Steam Cleaning Method

Steam cleaning method is very thorough and not only cleans the carpet but also sterilizes it and renders the environment germ free. The equipment used includes high-speed steam or hot water generating machine mounted on a truck along with a pressure pump and a high vacuuming machine.

Cleaning is thorough and over 95% of the water is recovered with the carpet drying out within minutes of such hot water cleaning. High vacuum suction removes most of the hot water.

Large commercial areas, hotels and office suites with luxurious carpeting spread over a large area also benefit from professional carpet cleaning services carried out by experts with trained technicians and specialist equipment.

LCS Janitorial Services are professional carpet cleaning extractors and powerhead along with more specialized equipment such as steam generators, vacuum machines and pumps for dry cleaning or for steam cleaning. We provide carpet cleaning services in San Diego and nearby areas.

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