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Many people replace carpets with some kind of hard flooring due to having allergies caused by dust and hairs. Allergens such as dust and hair from humans or pets will always be present in any household. Controlling the removal of them will make your home healthier.

Hard floors are easier to vacuum and clean everyday versus carpets, but what happens to the small particles of dirt in between your cleaning? Every time you walk about or shut a door, the airflow will lift these small particles and they then float about in the air, which you may then breathe in. They also lay on horizontal surfaces such as worktops and sofas, meaning that dust is then higher and will be easier to breath in next time a sudden gust of air disturbs it.

Carpets however, are massive filters, trapping dust, dirt and hair in their fibres and causing these allergens to be held down. When carpets are vacuumed the loose hair and dirt is removed and in the meantime, the dirt is not airborne as it would be with a hard floor.

Once a year (as recommended by manufacturers) your carpets should be professionally cleaned by a qualified company to remove the greasy dirt that builds up in the carpet as it’s going about acting as a filter.

Once a carpet’s filtration is completely clean and free from grease, it will hold dirt and hair much more effectively than it would if the carpet was greasy and dirty, due to it no longer being saturated with soils that prevent the filter from doing its job.

So which flooring is better?

The correct carpet to suit the room conditions will keep the dust particles out of the air. Hard floors have nothing to hold the dust down, so unless you have the time and can vacuum and mop twice a day, carpet are easier carpets are easier to maintain in a normal family home. With a maintenance plan suggested by your qualified carpet cleaner there is no reason why you can’t have a home that is virtually free from allergens.


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