Average Professional Carpet Cleaning Cost in San Diego

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It is very difficult to give an average professional carpet cleaning cost in San Diego. As there are lots of companies providing carpet cleaning services. Therefore – a lot of different prices and tariffs. Opting for DIY carpet cleaning route with a carpet cleaner rental may be tempting, but to keep your carpets looking new and reduce wear and tear, sometimes it’s best to hire professional carpet cleaners.

Homeowners often wonder how much they should expect to pay for carpet cleaning, and how to know whether they’re being overcharged. However, the most common pricing method is charging the clients per size or type of the room with the carpet. Hence, on the majority of the website has the price as per the area – bedroom, living room, hallway, etc. Hence, you can see the price of carpet cleaning on the website is based on the average size of the room.

The Two Professional Carpet Cleaning Cost Estimation Methods

As every house varies in size and type of carpets, there is no specific standard category for professional carpet cleaning cost. There are, two common ways carpet cleaning companies determine the cost.

  1. Carpet Cleaning Rates Per Room
    Professional carpet cleaning companies may charge per room, means they offer a flat cleaning rate for each room in the house. So, this method typically comprises a size cap. So companies may treat one room as two if it measures over the maximum square footage. Additionally, there are many carpet cleaners who also charge extra for moving furniture. In such a case, the homeowner needs to move couches and other objects to keep the cost down.
  2. Carpet Cleaning Rates Per Square Foot
    Moreover, carpet cleaning companies may also charge per square foot. If you own a small house, you will have to pay more than compared to the area cleaned because the company needs to compensate for the travel and material costs. People with a bigger house will have to pay somewhat less per square foot. Because they comprise equipment setup and all material requirements. Here average professional carpet cleaning cost run between 30 and 60 pence per square foot and should include all labor, products and a guarantee about the standard of clean.

Have a look at the table, which shows the average professional carpet cleaning cost in San Diego city in California.

 Average Carpet Cleaning Cost in San Diego

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