Prevention Tips For Dust Buildup in Vents

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Are you tired of cleaning the dust which builds upon the air vents throughout your home? More than unsightly, dust and debris can make your HVAC system less efficient and can be symbolic of maintenance issues left unattended.

Before you spend your time and energy on the air vent, you must first analyze and find the source of dust.

Avoiding Air Filter Maintenance

There are many systems, issues with excess dust accumulate when air filter maintenance is ignored. To keep your system working efficiently, your HVAC air filters need to be changed in the duration of 3 months, at a minimum. Home with inhabitants such as infants and pets should perform swapping of filter monthly. Having a dirty filter, your system is forced to work harder to circulate conditioned air, stealing its lifespan and spreading dust buildup to vent and other home surfaces.

Leaky Ducts

If you care for your family and concerned about the duct filters, then you need to clean it regularly, because excess dust in your home could be the outcome of leaky ducts pulling-in dirt or dust-laden air from crawl space. Alongside from spreading debris throughout your home, leaky ducts destroy efficiency, escalating your electric bills, and putting a strain on your system as conditioned air is lost to uninsulated areas of your home.

Dirty Duct-work

Vents loaded with dust could also be hiding a serious secret: Dirty ductwork in a need of a thorough cleaning. Air quality can be affected due to the buildup of dust, dirt, and debris in the ductwork, causing health issues due to the allergies. How can you tell if your dusty air vent is due to ductwork in need of a duct cleaning? If you want to avoid expensive damage to ducts, approach professionals for duct cleaning. A professional HVAC tech can safely go through the areas to and can take proper steps to make it clean.

Tips You can Use for Cleaning Air Vents

Once you have done with the changing of an air filter and the leaks and dirty ductwork have been checked, it’s time to clean the air vents. The best and easy way to accomplish this is by rubbing your vent registers with a dryer sheet. To tackle dust the best way is to rub air vents with dryers. Additionally, the anti-static nature of dryer sheets aids in dust buildup prevention. Now, with a fresh filter, clean dust, and a little of anti-static aid from the dryer sheets, your dust problem can be taken care of.

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